How to Install Dev4Press Updater

1. Download

To install Dev4Press Updater, you need to download it first. You have a direct link to the ZIP archive in the menu on this page, or you can click here. Depending on your browsers, you will be prompted to select the location where to save the file, or it will be saved in your standard Download location. Now, you have the Dev4Press Updater plugin, the latest available stable version.

2. Install & Activate

Login to your WordPress-powered website as an administrator, and in the admin dashboard, from the left side menu, open panel ‘Plugins’. You will get a list of all your plugins currently installed, and on top, you have a button Add New. Click this button, and you will be transferred to a new panel called ‘Add Plugins’. Again, on top of this panel, you have the option Upload Plugin. This allows you to upload the plugin ZIP archive you have download previously.

As displayed on the image on the right side, you will see the panel where you need to add a ZIP file with the plugin. Click on the Browse button, and you will see a standard dialog to select a file from the computer. Go to the location where you previously download the Dev4Press Updater plugin, and select that ZIP archive, and click Open (may be different on different operating systems).

Upload ZIP archive form
Upload ZIP archive form

Click on the Install Now button, and wait for WordPress to upload, unpack and install the plugin. You will get messages about the process, and if all is OK, you will see the option to Activate the plugin.

If your website is WordPress Multisite Network, you must activate the plugin as Network Wide.

3. Enter API Key

When you activate the plugin for the first time, you will see a notification message on top of admin pages telling you to enter API Key and finish the setup of the plugin, so it can be used. To get your API Key, you need to register for an account (free) on Dev4Press Network. To register a new account visit this page. Once you complete registration, or if you already have a Dev4Press account, log in to your user dashboard here.

Once you log in to your Dev4Press User Dashboard, you need to open the API Key page from the main menu or click here. On this page, you have in large letters your API Key. Make sure to keep this key safe and not share it with anyone else. If you want, on the same page you have the option to reset your API Key. This will make the old API Key invalid, and if you used an old key to activate Dev4Press Updater already, you need to replace the old API Key with the new one generated for you.

Now, log to your website where the Dev4Press Updater plugin is installed and active. This plugin adds a menu into the WordPress admin’s left side menu called ‘Dev4Press’. Open that menu, and in the submenu, you will see entry Settings. Open it, and you will get panels with settings. Open one named API Key. Now, you will see a dialog like the one on the image on the right.

Insert your API Key (it is a password field, not revealing the key entered), and click the Save Settings button.

Enter API Key
Enter API Key

The plugin is now ready, and it will make the first Update call to the Dev4Press website to check if there are updates available and get information about potential plugins and themes you can install/update based on your licenses.

4. Manual update

You can update the plugin by itself. But, if that fails for some reason, you can do it manually. Disable Dev4Press Updater and delete it from the WordPress Plugins panel. Repeat step 2 to install the new version. All settings will remain intact.